of skiing and Klosters…

One of the learnings I had during my recent visit to Davos is that if people have plans to visit Davos during the World Economic Forum, they need to be of one of these two kinds- be on the Forum’s special invitee list, or be a master organizer, of the kind who plans months in advance- in order to ensure that they get a decent place to stay which is within commuting distance from the main convention area in Davos. Of course, you could also be of a third kind- i.e., with great friends and a killer optimism!! Needless to say, I belong to the third kind and despite some accommodation hiccups, I found myself in a really nice, quaint place in Klosters, a small ski resort about 30 min from Davos. I learnt that Klosters originated in around 1220 A.D. with the founding of the St. Jacob and St. Christopher monastery, hence the name “Klosters” (monastery). Around 200 years later, the German-speaking Walser Prättigau and Davos (people from the canton of Valais) settled there, and their mark on the typical Prättigau dialect is still evident today. In around 1870, the first hotels were built, and the Rhaetian Railway line from Landquart to Klosters was opened. This was the start of Klosters as an international tourist resort. And tourist resort it sure is. In the hotel I was staying, majority of the other inhabitants were skiers, mostly from UK. One really has to have a terrific love for the sport, considering the ski equipment that one has to lug around weighs upto 20 kgs, not to mention the unwieldy boots. But I was told by one of the ski champions who I met over one breakfast that the feeling one gets when you are on top of a peak and sliding down is worth every pain that one has to bear to get to the point. Ah well…..


I am told Klosters is the preferred ski resort of Prince Charles. The same ski champion (my breakfast buddy) also told me an interesting piece of info- that the main ski lodge has two section, one named after the Prince. However, they are yet to change the other section that is named after Princess Di. Hmmm………






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